Lamboginny is a high energy afro-dancehall singer and songwriter from Lagos Nigeria.

Prison Project

Lamboginny’s Prison Project is one of his humanitarian causes which he funds from his music. He performs is prisons to provide his message of hope and inspiration through hif form of ministry. He is also involved in many ant-drug and crime prevention initiaives.

Medical Project

Lamboginny helps fund medical costs for indigent patients and has travelled to Ebola affected areas to provide awareness and education.


We have worked with many prisons and faith-based organizations and here is what some of them have had to say…

Do you want to find out more about Lamboginny's prison ministry and other humanitarian causes?

Please check out the I Believe In Prison Reform site for more info.

Check out the I Believe In Prison Reform site

Lamboginny's Blog

Lamboginny is a popular afro-dancehall artist for humanitarian causes. He likes to help inmates and less priviledged youths find their footing in life. He was the first musician in Nigeria to be a prison ambassador and an anti-crime ambassador.

Background on Lamboginny

on January 1, 1019

Background on Lamboginny Today we are launching Yinka Lawanson Lamboginny’s web site. Yinka Lawanson was born in 1985 in Lagos, Nigeria and got the stage name Lamboginny as a nick name from his father. In his early twenties, Lamboginny was inspired by artists like the late Bob Marley and Afrobeat music creator “Fela Anikulapo Kuti” who used their voices and music for more than entertainment. After about ten years signing under various record labels, Lamboginny asked himself “Who am I?

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